2021 Virtual Schedule

Texas A&M Genome Editing Symposium

-Air, Land, & Sea-

Thursday, October 28th

Held virtually through Zoom Webinar

10:00am- Opening Remarks

10:10am- Dr. Arnaud Martin (Air- Butterfly): “Do butterflies dream of genetic tattoos? Exploring color pattern evolution using CRISPR”, George Washington University, Department of Biological Sciences (Dr. Martin’s Bio)

11:20am- Dr. Elizabeth Maga (Land- Goat): “Translating the use of lysozyme-rich milk from transgenic goats to fight diarrheal illnesses”, UC Davis, Department of Animal Science (Dr. Maga’s Bio)

12:30pm- TAMU Student Poster Presentations

1:40pm- Travel Scholar Presentations
Chandler Meyer, University of Wisconsin
Vishnutej Ellur, Washington State University
Logan Spicer, University of Minnesota

2:50pm- Dr. Phillip Cleves (Sea- Coral): “Using Transcriptomics and Reverse Genetics to Understand Mechanisms of Cnidarian-dinoflagellate Bleaching”, Carnegie Institute for Science, Department of Embryology and Johns Hopkins University, Department of Biology (Dr. Cleves’ Bio)     

4:00pm- Dr. Becky Bart (Land- Cassava): “Editing the genome and epigenome of cassava to promote disease resistance”, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center (Dr. Bart’s Bio)

5:00pm- Closing Remarks

6:00pm- Social Mixer at Napa Flats, 1727 Texas Ave S, College Station, TX 77840

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