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2020 TAMU Genome Editing Symposium

On October 22nd-23rd, Texas A&M University will be hosting the second annual Genome Editing Symposium, an event that aims to bring together scientists working in the field of agricultural genetics.

Before the event, the Symposium Committee will be hosting an event called “All in Flavor of GMOs”. This event gives graduate students the opportunity to compete in a 3-minute thesis-like event where they can define GMOs for a layman audience and address their impacts on consumer markets.

The first day of the Symposium will be a day of workshops which will provide instructional information regarding various transformation and delivery techniques, and design, as well as trouble-shooting techniques.

The second day will consist of distinguished speakers discussing their work in academia and industry. Students will also have the opportunity to submit an abstract and compete for prizes in a poster competition. 

Mo’s Irish Pub will be hosting a Social Mixer after the day’s events to give attendees a chance to socialize and discuss their interests.

The symposium will conclude with a question panel with some of the speakers, hosted by the TAMU Plant Breeding Circle.

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